Meet Lyn Alden my new financial guru.

You know that feeling you get after weeks, months or even years of studying a particular subject matter or just hearing and using a particular word that you don’t really get and then someone comes along and explains it in a completely different way ….

Well I had that moment …..

when I stumbled across a blog article written by the above mentioned woman.

Short, compact, no nonsense blogs that contain everything you need to know about the world of long term investing in the stock markets and money, the management and the mindset you need develop to succeed.

I honestly believe her inconspicuous website can provide all the information and guidance you need not only to get started but also to take your investment trading skills to the next level.

And if you are still not convinced then read her blog:

“Financial Freedom: How never to worry about money again”

but especially the second part

“From rags to (relative) riches”

a real inspiration for anyone starting from scratch.

See link below.

and please check out a more recent blog about her.

The art of letting go of negativity.

All credits to the rich dad company from Robert Kiwosaki that shared this story with me via my email enlisting.

The gist or moral behind sharing this story is, don’t let these current unprecedented times paralyse you in fear. Instead acknowledge and adapt and move on. There are still golden opportunities to be made if we are willing to change our mindset and thinking.