I am you & you are me.


I don’t really want or need anyone to follow me.


As I have stated in my bio page I am already fulfilled when I can express my inner thoughts and emotions into words.


My only wish is that maybe while you are passing by window shopping, that maybe one blog on this site can encourage and inspire you to


….start following yourself….


Stop underestimating and doubting yourself. You know a lot more than you realise. Deep down inside of you you already have the knowledge and tools to succeed.


It’s stuff like your gut feeling, base instincts, common sense, seasonal cravings and yearnings etc.


Sometimes that one weak addiction you’re having issues with is your body’s way of informing you of a deeper inner issue, deficiency or trauma that needs your attention and that you are trying to deal with in an unhealthy way. The list is endless.


This does mean that you no longer need to listen to others peoples advice it has more to do with blindly following people because the masses are following that person. Combine listening to your inner consciousness while giving them a chance to make their point.


Sometimes even when we love what we are hearing we still realise that we are deceiving ourselves. It’s either too good to be true, too comfortable, too convenient or gives the impression that we are perfect when normal logic tells us we are not, and somehow deep inside of us we know it.


But the thing that is really scary is when they tell us something that confirms our deepest inner fears and assumptions. Things that we don’t want to believe and have been trying to suppress because this would destroy our own make believe world that we created to protect ourselves.


Some new expert or guru merely confirmed what you already knew so even if you finally acquiesced why continue following him blindly?


Let this fact stimulate you
to listen to you more.


I sometimes wonder what am I doing here, what am I talking about ? I feel as if I have very little authority to speak. I have no higher education therefore not possessing any degrees in psychology or social sciences etc. I also cannot present a portfolio of years of practical working experience in some of the fields I talk about.


My primary source of inspiration is based on my own personal experiences, the experiences of family and friends and an observation of the combined experiences of people in general.


And a continual thirst for more knowledge in recognition of the fact that ;


The more I learn the greater the realisation of my ignorance.


This takes me off any imaginary throne of superiority. This puts me at your level. But this seeming disadvantage actually becomes a very powerful asset, an asset that I can claim to have decades of practical working experience in. I have a degree in being just an normal ordinary guy (although some of my friends and family would question that ‘normal’ aspect.)


I have purposely omitted another very important factor that concerns spirituality and a firm belief and conviction in a higher being that knows us better than ourselves. This is something very personal and everyone will have to decide for himself whether he chooses to recognise the existence of such and if this will be his main source of inspiration and support. Mutual respect for everyone’s belief or lack of belief in this matter.


I am you & you are me and maybe by sharing some of me you can find you ……


and move on to that next shop window of inspiration or better still creating your own shop window providing something of value for others.

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