No Messenger No Life!!


I recently created a new public group called; “The FB Messenger Resistance Group” for a small group of people on this planet that hate being dictated too by large powerful commercial entities like Facebook. I thought I was virtually alone in being so angry with Mr Zuckerberg with forcing me to install the FB messenger app on my smartphone when the mobile browser version worked adequately enough for my personal needs.

I thought to myself there goes my eccentric character again. I don’t want this app running constantly in the background consuming large amounts of my phones working memory and processor capabilities while it is collecting data based om my other smartphone activity so that it can sell that information to third party commercial partners so that they in turn can send me personally tuned ads. I know that by agreeing to use facebook you are also giving them permission to do just that, but I would still like to have some control when that actually does happen instead of FB deciding that for me. I want the ability to easily disconnect myself from facebook completly without having to uninstall the app everytime. My previous smartphone was already struggling with all the apps that I choose to use on it and periodically I had to uninstall a few of them so that my phone would function properly again in such a way that I could make a normal phone call.

However the various times that Facebook automatically redirected me to the Android Google Play Store to install messenger I discovered that I was not alone in my convictions. As I read the various user review comments from the official version of Messenger I started finding other like minded individuals. Maybe they are just as eccentric as me, but what the hell I was not alone.

But maybe the problem is not Mr FB, maybe the problem lies with ourselves. We have allowed ourselves to be gradually controlled by another Mr Big Brother entity. We should start reorganising our means of connecting, communicating and our social activities in such a way that we will not be fully dependant on social media to have a life. Because even if we succumb to using Facebook and Messenger this highly complex but equally vulnerable and unstable app can and will fail periodically for some reason or the other what can inevitably lead to a situation quoted in the title of this article;

“No Messenger no life!”

Believe it or not but people did have a very normal active social life long before Mr Zuckerberg graduated from university.

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