A Bloggers Paradise

A Bloggers Paradise

A newly bought Samsung Neo S5 smartphone, a WordPress app from Google Play and an incredible Digicel Island wide 4g network coverage with a 2 Gb, 30 day data packet for approximately 2250j$

I am a complete blogging novice (… did I just swear at myself??)

So please forgive my spelling mistakes, grammer, format of my blogs and the look and feel of my WordPress account.

Just trying to pick up something that I really enjoyed doing over 40 years ago in my good old school days, in junior and secondary school in the United Kingdom.

Anyway I have no university degrees, no high profile job experience. I did not start a company from scratch, or do any voluntary work in a third world country.

I just have a couple of O-levels and CSEs, and a City and Guilds Diploma in Electrical Installation Work, combined with over 30 years working experience.

I am basically a fully employed but retired as a full time family man, divorced with two grown up kids. What I mean by retired family man is all the stuff you usaully have to start doing when your the first parent that comes back home from work. I call this the second shift.

Anyway with this new found freedom I took a recent trip to the land of my roots. On holiday in Jamaica or should I say visiting my parents, (there is a subtle difference).

Despite having to do the odd jobs in and around my Mums house as best as I could (if you know anything about Jamaican parents you will understand my dillema). I am finally winding down (took about three weeks though) to the point that I feel I don’t have to do anything. (The fact that my mother was not present that day has nothing to do with it!) (Please tell my kids to contact missing persons Jamaica if I don’t show up for work next month)

I don’t have to use every living second of daylight hours to visit and see every hook and cranny of this beautiful Island. I don’t have to visit every living relative on the Island from my second cousin to my uncles aunties sister in laws nephews brothers son.

I can just sit here in the hills of inland rural Jamaica and just listen to the deafening sound of quiteness, the sounds of birds chirping away in the almond and pomegranate trees , the buzz of strange flying insects, the scurry of creeping insects in the long uncut Brachiaria grass, the wind blowing thru the unkept orchard of nickel, apple, pear, jack fruit, mango, banana and palm trees, a very slow moving 4 x 4 pickup truck passing by (very badly maintained parochial roads do have some advantages)

The sound of a motor bike or the claxon of a red numberplate route taxi in the far distance, a women up the road expressing herself quite vocally about the drought and the lack of produce to sell at the market or the periodic sounds of reggae music blasting away in one of the many brightly coloured bars somewhere in the valley.

This is the background that has inspired me to try and start writing again via this new online method called blogging.

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