Your always on your smartphone

This was a comment I frequently heard from my second wife and still hear from my mother, but I am still planning an appointment with the psychiatrist if the tablets don’t work that my doctor prescribe.
But the reason why I am on it all the time is that it does about everything except opening a bottle of beer ( but I am sure they will shortly have an app for that by the end of the year)

Before smartphones, tablets, laptops and pcs we had different appliances for different purposes.
If I wanted to listen to some music I would go to my shelf with all my various black vinyl records and choose a single or LP from the Jackson 5 or the Beatles and then walk to my record player opening the lid putting the record on the turntable and if I had a really modern one press start and the needle would automatically come up and position itself just inside the edge of the disc, or I could use my cassette player or simply turn on the radio. So now the music is sorted out and playing.
Now I want to write that letter to my insurance company. So I go to the typewriter on the desk find some blank or sometimes even lined paper and start typing, but I will have to look up the address and I will find that in the shoe box full of letters and bills in one of the cupboards onder the tv. Gonna have to buy a stamp from the post office before I can post it.
That reminds me I want to see that funny comedy series ” some mothers do have them” at eight pm so I better program the video recorder. But I am not sure if the time on the video recorder is correct so I better go and check the clock in the kitchen. But I am not sure if that one is correct either. I could wait for the news at seven on the radio or I could ring the automatic “seriously accurate” greenwich mean time speaking clock person thing.
While I am on the phone I could ring my cousin Andrew to see if he is up to a game of chess or backgammon. I hope he is at home.
I might have to pop to the bank before closing time to pay my electric bill, otherwise no tv radio or lights next week, just imagine if the lights suddenly went out. Oh that won’t be such a problem I have got some candles in the cupboard and a torch….. somewhere??. I wonder how much my boss is going to pay me this week and how much I got left in the bank to pay that bill and the rent.
Maybe I will have to get those shares I bought in BP paid out, I haven’t got a clue how they are doing because I didn’t buy the paper today.
I also wanted to check if there were any used cars for sale onder 3000 pounds. Talking about my cousin my Uncle came back from his holiday in Jamaica he has been asking me for ages to come round and see the photos he took. He told me on the phone how he and his wife got lost driving to an inland waterfall on the other side of the island. He didn’t have a local map of the area on him.
Boy I am getting hungry, I wonder what I am going to cook tonight. I am so fed up of that old cook book I got…….oh that record has finished already I think I will just turn on the radio. Or should I just order pizza? I can never figure out what to choose and I always lose their folders.
I still have to brush up on my Spanish, and I also want to finish my article about “cb radio versus ham radio” because I want to publish it in that monthly magazine “Popular Electronics”.

You know where I am going with this don’t you?


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